Seetru Seetru started with humble beginnings. We were first incorporated on 9 April 2009, working on smaller-scale projects and sharing offices with other companies. Our portfolio began with penetrating the public, tourism and telecommunication sectors. From there, through tireless effort we evolved and adapted to revolutionise our craft to meet the market demand. We then ventured into other industries such as oil and gas, multinational corporations (MNCs), government-owned companies (GLCs) and the financial sector.

We switched gears and started broadening our skill sets to deliver relevant results with the ever-changing digital landscape. From TV commercials to 3D animation, website design with the latest UI/UX integration all the way to software and application development – our insistent motivation for growth have led us to achieve a wide range of unique expertise.


Delivering result-oriented products and solutions that allow our customers to communicate effectively to their audience, improve their sales and foster their growth.


To become an agency well-versed in the leading innovations of the digital landscape and achieve mutual growth by helping customers fulfill their business goals.

board with data graph to represent extensive research

Data-Driven Results

Every project and product is backed-up with extensive research and a solid understanding of the business requirements and its solution.

a square with burst lines at each corner to represent a comprehensive experience

Refined Expertise

Quality over quantity is our philosophy. Get trusted results from our experienced and passionate team for a strong digital presence.

speech bubble to represent human contact

Human Touch

We strive to build strong long-term relationships with customers who can rely on us for consultation, process transformation and business process optimisation.

document peeking out from a folder to represent our portfolio

Diverse Portfolio

Over the years, we have built various products for our customers in diversified fields and broadened our own unique expertise in many subject areas.

laptop with the video camera switched on and avatars above the laptop to represent remote-readiness


Our team has the ability to work remotely and produce unaltered work quality, which is especially useful in adapting to the new normal of the working world.