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A Student’s Perspective: My Internship Experience at Seetru Studio

sswebadmin 15 August 2022 0

Starting a new journey is always nerve-wracking, going from a university student to working as an intern in an unfamiliar atmosphere was a big step and I didn’t know what to expect. But I’m still in the learning phase and entering a new stage of my learning experience will always be exciting and scary to me.

I found Seetru Studio’s internship program through their website, a creative graphic design agency specializing in the construction of multimedia products, usually focusing on web and UI/UX design. My first week at Seetru Studio after being accepted as an intern copywriter was much better than I expected, the people were friendly and the guidance I received would always help immensely. My job was to help with any tasks given, do work related to copywriting, and help out with projects. A lot of what I’ve learned and done so far are things I never thought I’d be capable of doing or understanding on any level. Still, after a few weeks, it got easier, and I became more aware of what we do here at Seetru Studio and how we help people with our services.

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Things I Like About My Internship

One of the things I admire is how I’m given significantly important tasks that are crucial for a project and how they count on me to complete and understand them. I like the proud feeling and delight I get each time I’m able to help or complete something, especially when I understand the details and information thoroughly. Another thing I love are the surroundings, the co-workers, and how friendly they are. I consider myself an introvert, especially around new people, but I’ve only had good experiences so far with the staff here at Seetru Studio which is one of the biggest highlights. 

\I also appreciate that everyone wants to learn and helps you learn, everyone explains things you don’t understand and they get you involved in activities you’ve never done or tried before, which is something I’m grateful for since my main purpose of being here is to learn new things and gain more experience for myself.

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Challenges I’ve Faced

One of the biggest challenges I’ve faced so far is understanding complicated terms or concepts I’m unfamiliar with. Seeing that it is a graphic design company, there are terms and phrases I read or come across that aren’t in my field of education, but that’s what helps me learn. From this, I was able to learn about new things and understand things better and gain more knowledge from them.

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What I’ve Learned Throughout My Internship

In the end, there are many things I’ve gained while interning here, the first would be basic editing skills. Being here has helped me enhance my basic skills in using Google facilities, such as Google Document, Google Sheets, and other different editing platforms. The most important lesson I’ve learned however is to ask as many questions as possible. Any doubts can be resolved by asking questions; doing so will help you understand what you’re doing better and make you more confident as well as help you interact better with people around the office. 

Being responsible, even as an intern, as your co-workers will rely on you to do your job or complete your tasks in order for them to continue their part as team members. And helping them when they need a hand or under certain situations was one of my roles as an intern. Learning from mistakes, that’s something I always keep in mind. We all make mistakes, it’s human nature. But making mistakes doesn’t mean you’ve failed, instead, I see it as a learning opportunity. It helps me understand what I’ve done wrong, what I should have done differently in that situation, and what to do the next time I encounter a similar situation.

The Advice I Would Give

The one piece of advice I’d give to someone who is going for their internship is to be confident and remember your purpose. Always be aware that you are there to learn, never get carried away for the wrong reasons, and remember that having the right mindset and attitude will help you immensely in your journey.

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