IBFIM Social Media

IBFIm social media

IBFIM is an Islamic banking and finance institution where that conducts courses and provides certification that caters to domestic and international clients such as wealth planners, and Syariah advisors. They also publish books regarding their courses. 

Social Media Campaign


As IBFIM launched a Facebook social media campaign focusing on the launch of an online learning platform, a series of social media posts that is attractive, interactive, and engaging for the audience was essential. Using this interesting content, they aspire to attract more audiences and boost the number of participants in their classes. 

In conclusion, IBFIM needed to enhance their brand and service awareness.


With Ramadan being one of the most celebrated months in Malaysia, IBFIM requested for the content and design to follow the ongoing theme. Thus we developed a thematic series of posts with a creative approach to the design using isometric vectors and vibrant colour schemes. Direct and active engagements allowed us to dip into the analytics of these posts, and using its metrics we upscaled the post’s content and visual treatment. 

We also furnish solutions for creating a microsite that connects to their social media in order to fully utilise analytics and restrategize the content to personalize it to target audiences. The incorporation of quantitative indicators into their marketing activity is also evident in the design of social media postings.


  • Online Marketing Campaign for 10 weeks
  • Boosted Facebook’s engagement 
  • Internal and external circulation of the posters
  • Cost-effective engagement with the client


I liked their sense of ownership of the project.

- Azlan Azmi, Director, Study Germany Sdn. Bhd.



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