The Malaysian Investment Development Authority, or MIDA, is the government's primary body in charge of monitoring and promoting investment in Malaysia's industrial and service industries. In 1967, the World Bank congratulated MIDA for delivering "the essential incentive for focused, productive, and coordinated promotional effort." MIDA is now a cutting-edge, dynamic, and pioneering force in the global opening of new horizons for Malaysia.

Malaysian Investment Development Authority
MIDA Portal


As the leading agency in catalysing international investment streams into Malaysia, MIDA had to ensure that its website keeps up with innovations of the world. Their objective is to leave a lasting impression on a wide demographic of potential investors and visitors and to remain relevant in the hyper-condensed digital landscape. 

To create a seamless experience for its visitors, Mida needs a fresh, structured website with web-based optimisations on the organisation of its downloadable materials for specific target audiences. These pain points are proven to be the stumbling blocks of their existing website.


The Pandemic hit us hard, forcing us to change our working environment to a safer place. We ran our pre-production and production virtually. Taking full note of their objectives and pain points, we dive deeper into MIDA’s requirements by setting on a full URS session with Subject Matter Experts and stakeholders. We conducted testing with immediate stakeholders, real users, actual clients and individuals of diverse backgrounds to determine the website’s usability. 

We then curated volumes of research into a distinct website structure dedicated to presenting Malaysia as an investment hotspot. Our methods included card sorting, MUT, prototype creation, user interviews, and questionnaires. To successfully organise the user experience, we blended user-centric authoring with SEO optimization with bespoke information architecture.

We filled the website with infographics, figures and graphs to grab the reader’s attention. All PDF documents and downloadable materials are organised into a specific space for easier navigation. The User Journey has been upgraded to persuade investors to invest in Malaysia regardless of their background.


  • Reduced the website’s bounce rate
  • Centralised important facts and information 
  • Ensure visitors find desired content easier
  • Strategic forms and guidelines touchpoints
  • Sharp website layout


I liked their sense of ownership of the project.

- Azlan Azmi, Director, Study Germany Sdn. Bhd.



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