TNB Energy Services

tNB Energy Services

TNB Energy Service (TNBES) is an ESCo (Energy Services Company) with more than 20 years of expertise in the energy sector. TNBES connects innovative energy solutions across the community, delivering scalable outcomes at all levels, from corporations to families. TNBES envisions itself as a link between the present and a more sustainable future for future generations.

TNB Energy Services
Website Development


Our challenge was to help TNBES to create a fresh and well-organized website that would align with the company’s aspiration for green energy. TNBES’ main concern stems from the lack of intuitive design and construction of its content.

Missing pages and complicated navigation stop the client on their track to relevant information, discouraging them to stay longer on the page. They want us to include sustainability and ESG into their branding as an integral part of the new website development.


We introduced a new sitemap and incorporated suitable landing pages for every service available. We also created a corporate video and included it on the website to provide an added value to its overall messaging. By utilizing SEO research on the client’s branding as well as the strategic use of keyword phrases, we successfully optimised the website for easy discovery in SERP (Search Engine result page).

The website was designed and developed on WordPress with the goal of making it easier for clients to manage their websites once they were delivered. We additionally ran a Micro Usability Test (MUT) on the website prototype prior to its release to iterate on its overall content and design. These smaller details helped us to deliver a well-designed website that fulfils the need of the TNBES and its clients.


  • Reduced the website’s bounce rate
  • Improved Organic Search Traffic 
  • Easy accessibility for users
  • Data-driven website with accurate content


They were just awesome. They really solved our problems.

- Amirul Abd Malek, Marketing Manager, TNB Energy Services



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