Urusharta Jamaah

Urusharta jamaah

Urusharta Jamaah Sdn Bhd is an SPV (Special Project Vehicle) asset management company established to take over and handle the underperforming assets handed by Tabung Haji to Urusharta Jamaah, facilitating Tabung Haji to administer its financial management more efficiently.

Urusharta Jamaah
Website Development


Urusharta Jamaah requires an official website since they do not currently have one. This impacts their online presence because their content could only be accessed on various other websites and in the media. There is a loss of brand credibility when there is no official website since viewers would have to rely on other sources. Furthermore, the clients sought a communication tool capable of instantly conveying accurate data to the media and relevant stakeholders.

We were asked by Urusharta Jamaah to help them create an official website that brings a powerful impact on their online presence. The client desired a communication tool capable of conveying precise data to the media and important stakeholders in real-time.


We did extensive user research and included Urusharta Jamaah’s corporate identity to ensure optimal branding. We generated a new sitemap for the new website with essential landing pages that conveys the client’s identity. 

We made a clear and simple approach to creating content by reducing complex jargon and words. To make sure the content is readable to different audiences, especially in rural areas, we added a translation from English to Bahasa Melayu. WordPress is our handy tool of choice for us for CMS development due to its easier administration.


  • All-inclusive website development
  • Effective information-sharing platform
  • User-friendly and engaging content


"We like that their team mostly consists of young, talented, and high-spirited individuals."

- Syahmi Ruhaizat, Head of Strategic Management, Asset Management Company



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