AQ’s Cognisense Dashboard

AQ’s Cognisense Dashboard

Cognisense is a product of Attentive Quadrant (AQ), equipped with Cloud-Based capability and Intelligent Monitoring System. Born out of necessity to enhance operational performance, Cognisense surgically monitors issues integral to the server room environment integral with server to provide companies and organisations with an essential solution. Cognisense works to elevate the working mindset in an organization by providing a monitoring capability that not only gathers data but also projects potential areas of improvement from the data to boost organisational standards from Reactive to Proactive.

Attentive Quadrant (AQ)
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Attentive Quadrant needed a complementing software that could uplift their developed hardware. The challenge lies in understanding the potential and full use of its intelligent measuring system that would translate into a workable dashboard. We underline its essential functions such as reporting, data, analytics and user access levels, including configurations to make sure that we prioritise elements that are beneficial to each user profile.


We conducted an extensive user requirements study through rounds of interviews and included an iterative research approach to validate the findings. Our design process also leveraged on the iterative method with levels of confirmation on the content throughout the wireframing period. Another approach we took was to have Micro-Usability Testing with both internal and external subject matters to ensure that the prototype produced meets expectations with great usability. 


  • Intuitive and useful tool for Attentive Quadrant’s customers
  • Value-Added product that complements Cognisense’s hardware
  • Best characteristic delivery to the customer


I liked their sense of ownership of the project.

- Azlan Azmi, Director, Study Germany Sdn. Bhd.



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