PGSC Corporate Video

PGSC Corporate video

PGSC (Petronas Geo-Sample Center) is a facility owned by PETRONAS. PGSC acts as a one-stop physical preservation centre for Exploration and Production as it is also the custodian for the preservation of Geoscience magnetic media and technical documents. All geological samples in PGSC are preserved in special composite boxes for future analysis. This facility also acts as an educational centre for students. 

Petronas Geo-Sample Center
PGSC Corporate Video


As part of the world’s leading research facility on hydrocarbon exploration and extraction, PGSC desired an introductory corporate video for visitors and potential investors. A compelling branding video that will promote their cutting-edge facilities and identity to the target audience. The video should focus on the significance of the research facility and the values of the stored resources to the stakeholders. 

The two key objectives are to educate the core extraction process to the public and to convincingly acquaint the facility with potential stakeholders.


We did something extraordinary; we developed the first full-stack 3D animation and motion graphics. For narration, we tailored it into a captivating narrative style as a first-person view that tells the story of the collected resource samples. With an engaging script, a complex topic such as oil and gas becomes an interesting content, especially for younger audiences. 

To come up with such a personalized narrative, we conducted on-site research with their geoscientists, geophysicists, and petroleum engineers, as well as facility managers through rounds of interviews.  Our comprehensive research resulted in flawless product delivery during the production and post-production phases.


  • Evergreen video production
  • Achieved the key objectives of the clients 
  • Returning customers for content update
  • Curated modular style corporate video
  • Value-added deliverables 


I liked their sense of ownership of the project.

- Azlan Azmi, Director, Study Germany Sdn. Bhd.



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